About Idaho Dance Sport


“Those of you who want to learn the fundamentals of Latin dance from a pro, look no further. Lessons from Tabish will be instructive, creative and fun. You will work harder than you’ve ever worked before, but you will see more results than you’ve ever seen. Tabish is knowledgeable and passionate and gives every lesson 110%.”

– Carla. Boise, ID

“Tabish L Romario is very kind. It is comforting to know that if I make a mistake in the dance floor and lesson, the instructor will be at his kindness when correcting me. But the side I like the most about him is that every time I’ve done something not quite correct, he blames the guy and not me! And he’s such a happy individual and passionate; very contagious…”

– Jackie. Boise, ID

“Tabish, I feel so blessed to have you as a dance instructor. Many times, dance teachers will focus on moves, but you teach how to dance! I feel like I have received the highest quality of dance education I could hope for- I am afraid I am completely Spoiled! I hope to come back and learn from you again, but for now I am forever grateful. Having a dance family dramatically improved my life in Boise, so thank you so much for creating that atmosphere.”

– Lisa. Oceania, Australia

“I have learned with various teachers in Ballroom, Swing, Salsa… but It was not until I studied with Tabish, that I learned how the man should lead, and more importantly what partner dance was really all about. If you are frustrated as a man in the world of Dance, there is no doubt only one place to go , to learn how to make your partner very happy on the dance floor. If you have the smallest interest in dance , please do yourself a favor, and go to one class or take one lesson from Tabish… It will change your life.”

– Matthew. Boise, ID

“I started Latin dance with Tabish a year and a half ago, with no prior dance experience at all. As rough, inexperienced and clumsy as I was, he was patient with me while getting me to push my boundaries each time. Now, I am on a few of the performing teams, I’m confident in the way I move, I’m even helping him teach sometimes, and best yet, I have more fun dancing with this amazing group of people than any other area of my life. Tabish is an exceptionally good and thorough instructor, and he genuinely loves teaching.”

– Danielle. Boise, ID

“I love working with Tabish every time he is in Florida. I have worked with many professionals in the Ballroom world. Tabish has a unique way to inspire others with his passion and energy which does not seem to fade with time. There is something to be said about the Ballroom dance lifestyle and training. It requires pure discipline and passion to be a Ballroom dancer and Tabish has helped me acquire these qualities in a very short period of time. The weight shifting alone and how well the dancers use their bodies is stunning up close. Tabish’s personality truly shows through dance and you feel elated after watching him dance. I have watched him at several competitions and always wanted to get some lessons. I am glad I did he is truly a professional technician.”

– Linda. Tampa, FL

“I have been a student of Tabish for almost a year and I think that nothing has advanced my dancing techniques as much as his private lessons. With Tabish’s help I’ve learned how to listen to the music and dance on the right beats. He explains things in a clear, unintimidating manner, breaks down techniques in a way that makes sense, and works at an easy pace that is just right for you. In addition to that, Tabish teaches you how to connect with the music and your partner. He created a cohesive group and made it fun for each one of us to have the most enjoyable dance experience on Wednesday nights. Regardless of what level you are as a dancer, you will get great value out of Tabish’s classes. I would highly recommend Tabish for anybody looking for dancing opportunities in Boise area.”

– Jim. San Francisco, CA

“I am beyond grateful for Idaho DanceSport and the joy it’s brought to my life. Though I’ve spent most of my life dancing, when I met Tabish, I had not taken a dance class in 4 years. My career path had led me away from dance and it had become all consuming. Tabish and the community surrounding Idaho DanceSport provided me with an outlet, renewed my passion for dancing, brought many meaningful friendships into my life, and helped open my eyes to what makes life worth living. Tabish’s talent and energy inspire me to reach for new goals everyday and I’m amazed at what he’s helped me accomplish as a dancer in such a short time.”

– Lori. Seattle, WA

“Idaho dance sport is an amazing community. The instructors Tabish & Lori are top notch… anyone who gets to learn from them and witness their magic is lucky! I am so grateful I found them during my time in Boise.”

– Emily. Orlando, FL

“I first came to Boise in April 2015 for an internship, and I had no contacts in town, except for my colleagues at work. The first few months in town were ok, but the big step was when a co-worker introduced me to Idaho DanceSport, owned and directed by Tabish L. Romario. I highly suggest everyone to join the local Boise Salsa scene at Idaho DanceSport, and enjoy the great people and activities available. I think it is the best activity in town to meet new people, great dancers and invaluable friends. Definitely a great reason to come back to Boise again, and enjoy the awesome energy and spirit of all the wonderful people I had the honor to meet!”

– Luca. Milan, Italy

“My time working with Tabish for Ballroom dancing started in February 2014 in Rumba and then moved to the fun and flirty Cha-Cha. Within two lessons, I could tell that Tabish was a very good teacher because he knew when I wasn’t engaging certain muscles and technique to execute the movement he asked for. Soon I LOOKED like a dancer and was happy with my progress which motivated me to continue with our lessons. His passion and love for dance is truly inspiring and he sincerely wants each of his students to get better at this art form. There have been many times after a lesson he has texted me about how I did giving me words of dance advice and inspiration. I have truly loved working with Tabish on so many levels and I know for a fact you will not get the technique that he teaches anywhere else in the Treasure Valley from my own experience. His attention to detail is what keeps me coming back for more as others just teach steps, but Tabish teaches technique. After about 7 months, I decided to embark on the competition path, and if this is something you want to pursue, Tabish is the best to take you there. He pushes you to do better, go higher, dig deeper, and to perform. His attention to detail is worth the money you spend, and I am happy for that experience with my first competition this past June (placed first!). Hope to see you on the dance floor.”

– Lael. Boise, ID

“If you are looking to learn to dance Salsa, Bachata, or any of the social dances, you have to take lessons from Tabish. He’s the real deal with the professional training and background to get you started at the beginner level and to take you all the way to that expert level. I really don’t think there’s anyone else in the Boise area that has his training or expertise. I have taken lessons in New York and various other cities in the US and Tabish is on par with some of the best dancers and instructors from which I’ve had the privilege to learn.”

– Sean. New York, NY