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About Idaho DanceSport
Idaho DanceSport teaches Latin social and ballroom dancing for all levels and ages. Let this be your place to express, love, laugh, and grow in your dancing. Led by a professional and active Latin Ballroom competitor, Idaho DanceSport brings the spark of Latin dance to your life. Whether you desire to learn the basics of Salsa, Bachata, or Ballroom, learn to dance for a special event or wedding, improve your social dance skill, or train for competitive Latin Ballroom endeavors, Idaho DanceSport offers an unrivaled quality education and a beautiful sense of community. Come experience the sensual, passionate, and intoxicating world of Latin dance. No fear. Move, Dance, Love, Be Born.Be sure to follow us on social media!
Meet Tabish Romario, Founder and Director of Idaho DanceSport
Tabish began dedicating his life to Latin Ballroom and Latin social dances at the early age of 15. Tabish studied under and continues to train with some of the finest in Latin Ballroom including Anna Kovalova, Eugene Katsevman, Shirley Ballas, Louis Van Amstel, Shorena Chertkove and others. Competing around the country in Cha-Cha, Samba, Rumba, Paso Doble, and Jive, Tabish has become fluent in the language and movement of Latin dance. Latin social dancing continues to bring joy to Tabish’s everyday life. Skilled and knowledgable in social dances such as Salsa, Bachata, Kizomba, Zouk, and Argentine Tango, Tabish has a passion for teaching and bringing a love of social dance to the community. You can contact Tabish via Facebook, phone, or email (below). He’d love to hear from you and get you involved in our vibrant dance community:

Tel: (208)345-2269
Email: tabishromario06(at)gmail(dot)com

Dancing is for everyone

Meet the Idaho DanceSport Community
Idaho DanceSport is made up of dancers from all levels, age groups and from around the world – we love dancing. Our members have a passion for learning, a drive for achievement and a love for movement through music. Idaho DanceSport has been called “more than a dance studio” as our weekly events and classes foster a caring, positive, and energetic community that extends beyond the dance room. Come join us and see what you’ve been missing.

Dancing  for health and enjoyment

Professional dancers lead our classes and social events, but our success relies on making Latin dancing accessible to everyone, regardless of skill level or ability. With dedication and a little help, we believe everyone can enjoy the health and social benefits of dancing. This article has a good list of the physical and psychological benefits of dancing.